My role as a dietitian is to filter through the noise and guide you along a path to improve your health while also making sure the recommendations are science-based and realistic for you and your family.

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for your specific performance, health and wellness goals

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Sport Specific

This package is for the sports-minded individual looking for a customized meal plan throughout training and competition seasons. Your meal plan is tailored around your training regimen to maximize athletic performance and enhance recovery.

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Molly is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics

Health & Wellness

This package is for the fitness-minded individual looking for a customized meal plan to boost their active lifestyle. The consults will be structured around the client’s goals for themselves and/or their family.

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Group Presentations

Choose or request a nutrition topic that’s applicable to your population. Topic ideas: Fueling strategies to optimize nutrient timing, Dining out with Success, Supplement Savvy, etc.

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I offer three different options as a la carte such as an initial 60-minute consultation, 45-minute follow-up, or a meal plan without consultation. Examples of individual consulting topics include discussing a performance-based meal plan, improve athletic performance, etc.

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