About Me

Welcome! I’m Molly Drew, a Nashville-based Board Certified Sports Dietitian (CSSD).

All the nutrition and diet clutter found online and in the news can make it hard to know which path to take when starting your nutrition journey.

My role as a dietitian is to filter through the noise and guide you along a path to improve your health while also making sure the recommendations are science-based and realistic for you and your family.

What good is “PERFECT” nutrition if it creates more stress to your already busy life?

As a mom of two, I understand that mealtimes are often surrounded by chaos so making meals that are kid-approved is the true stamp of approval!

A tailored nutrition plan is a powerful tool that can help you improve your athletic performance, promote better sleep, decrease your disease risk, enhance injury recovery, and upgrade your quality of life.

Life is overwhelming. Nutrition doesn’t have to be.

Experience & Education

My previous role was a Performance Dietitian for Army Special Operations. I loved being a part of a multidisciplinary team that worked with soldiers to enhance their tactical performance. This team approach allowed me to witness the power of nutrition and its effects on:
  • Athletic Performance
  • Recovery and Healing (from the inside out!)
  • Disease Risk Management
  • Cognitive Function
  • Quality of Life

I have witnessed firsthand the positive effects of a tailored nutrition plan and now want to use my experiences to help you! Whether you are a soldier, athlete, busy parent, or someone that just wants to FEEL better, nutrition could be the missing link to you living your best quality life.


Masters in Food and Nutrition with a specialization in Sports Nutrition


Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist licensed to practice in the state of TN


Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics